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Finally, a fresh title to sink my teeth into. I am speaking of Dishonored of course, a game that I finally had a chance to clear in the past month or so. I had been waiting for Dishonored for a long time, and basically bought it when it first came out and managed to play it while I was in my dorm room in Urbino. Unfortunately though, while I was Italy, I discovered that it was the game that pushed my laptop over the edge and would make it overheat. So I finally managed to sink my teeth into it when I got back and managed to get a cooling mat for it. After the first couple chapters I put the game down, as I do with many of my games, and switched to a different one to see how that one suited my fancy for a while. However, in the past month, I made a pact with myself to clear all of my games that I have that I never really cleared (at least the ones with clear endings). So now I only keep five games on my laptop at any time, four games that I dive into, and one for casual play. Thus, Dishonored was reinstalled, and completed finally. WARNING: SPOILERS.

First off, I would like to comment on the beautiful environment that was created in this new world. The city of Dunwall came to life with the distinct architecture though out the entire city, the citizens that had motives, character, depth, and the way that The Outsider spoke to me. The world is huge, allowing you to take multiple paths to the same goal, making it so if I couldn’t sneak past a guard and into the lighthouse, I could scale another building and blink between roofs, and hide in dumpsters to get there. Now, I ran a “no kill” run for my first play through for a few reasons: one, my friend who had seen the game seemed skeptical of an assassin game that could be cleared without killing a soul, two, I wanted the challenge of being the city’s crusader, and three, I read some of the repercussions of killing people and decided to leave that to my “kill everyone” play through.

Going through the game, I noticed that the atmosphere stayed relatively constant: you have a person to murder or not, and you are wanted for killing the empress so you’ll be killed on site. Things were dark and grimy, just the way you’d expect a city in downfall would be. The game doesn’t get too dark though, you never have to murder your sainted mother or anything, for the most part, you are just killing people who are either A, evil or B, part of the evil machine. The environment does all of the work, and a couple of characters add to it, like Granny Rags and The Outsider.

The mechanics work like a dream, never really breaking stride in the game, allowing you to seamlessly blink across a roof, possess a rat, sneak into the building, hit a guard with a sleep dart, steal a safe code, and make it out through the fourth floor window. However, that sequence happened about the six time that I tried the mission. I give the game points for definitely being challenging when trying not to kill people. However, now that I have tried playing by killing everyone that I see, I have found the game much easier to get through. Now, that same sequence goes more like this: kill the front guard, take his key, kill the guard guarding the safe code, and walk out like a boss.

I’ve also started to experience the difference in high and low chaos now that I have started my “kill everyone” run. Playing the first assassination mission showed more rat swarms to start off with, which I know is just the beginning of the mayhem that is going to ensue. Overall, I give the game a high rating, and I’m waiting for the Knife of Dunwall DLC(s) that will be coming out (though depending on price, I may not get them, we will see).

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect


So today was eventful in the fact that I actually did some things instead of just relaxing with Fallout 3 and classic movies. I started looking at movie listing and seeing what all was out so I could maybe see a movie tonight. Well I saw that Expendables 2 had come out, and I had wanted to see that so I decided that I would catch it by myself. Well as I’m starting to get ready for the time I had picked to see it, Robert calls and I have to talk to him. This was a good thing, I like hearing from him, though some of the things talked about weren’t so good for me. We touched on his work and his teaching for the coming semester, but then we started to talk about the rest of my family and what they were up to. Alex is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend and starting to shop for a ring and he got the job he had applied for or whatever and is getting ready to take the bar. Ian is going to propose in September some time and then probably get married the next summer. And Meg is applying for day time hours at her job that she likes. Add all of that to what I’ve been going through and feeling and we get a fairly big pit in me at the moment.

It’s not even about her anymore, it’s about where I was and how I felt in life. I felt I was where I should be and was actually starting to feel how I should feel about life. All that goes away and then half of my family is at the point I was at all in the blink of an eye. I want them all to be happy, but their happiness was planned poorly with some of my misery.

So that lowered my spirits for the evening, but I still went out to go see the Expendables 2. It was a really good movie that I think everyone should see. It won’t push boundaries or be an award winner for anything that big, but it does exactly what it should. The movie brings together basically every big action star in the last few decades and then goes “you know, we have all of these stars that people know, let’s just have fun with this!” Which is exactly what they do. They make jokes about everyone’s past: Terminator jokes, Die Hard jokes, they even had freaking Chuck Norris jokes! What more could you ask for in an action flick like this one? They blow stuff up and make funny jokes.

After the movie I grab a quick meal at IHOP to finish off my night, and then went back home to get some rest for the coming week.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect