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Day two begins with the usual meds and curls as before, but then I proceeded to go out and get donuts for breakfast. After that I took a long nap, which did not help the fact that I usually stay awake until 4am and sleep until 2pm. So after that misplaced nap I went on to read some of Pablo Neruda and get more cultured. After reading a few hundred pages, I have come to find that most of his poems are not gems. There were a few that I really enjoyed and have marked to later reflection, but for the most part I have been unimpressed by it all.

I was supposed to go with my mother to go workout at the local gym by my house, however my legs still hurt from the day before and I had no urge to leave the house and be productive. So instead I watched the Ocean movies and read some more Pablo Neruda. The Ocean movies are some of the best movies I have ever seen to date, they have so many charming elements about them that it is hard to compare them to other movies. They have a bunch of great actors, all doing hilarious things with a well written script.

The rest of the day was kind of a waste, all that I did was order in Chinese food with my dad and then go for my run. Now on the subject of my run, I would like to make a note; I go out at 9pm, every night, and jog around the neighborhood until I basically kill myself. Before I had chosen to run around the local pond and a couple of the neighborhoods around, but I changed my route and instead chose to just do laps around the neighborhood until I hit five miles or more. At which point, I found out that all of the sprinklers in the neighborhood turn on around nine. Not at nine, just around nine; I know this because as I ran, some turned on, some turned off, but all of them kept on hitting me. So neighborhood committee or whatever you are, please, quit turning the sprinklers on when I run! Or if you are going to keep them like that, at least make them point at the grass, not the road, or one tree, or not come out at all. When they do that they are useless.

After my run I went on and did my crunches, curls, and shoulder presses (I avoided dips for the evening). This led to me finishing out my evening with just a bit more TV and reading.

I also discovered something. I have my nails back. I have nine of my ten finger nails back. The last one is my pinkie and that one was chewed down so much that it will take a while for it to come back, but it will shortly I hope. Over all, not a bad day, though my legs still hurt.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect