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This all started after I got my usual “shit happened to you” hair cut that I get whenever I need a fresh start. Now that I am back home, I was able to go to my favorite barber and have a good chat with the man. After a long conversation, and one of the best haircuts he’s ever given me, I came out with a new look on things and how I was going to take the next few days. He told me that we may like the door we are in, but whatever higher power there may be has a different plan for us, and if we do not get out of that door he may just shut it for us so we can go the way we are supposed to. Higher power ideas have never really struck me that much because I preferred free will and being able to control our lives as we see fit, but after talking to him further and discussing this, I came out feeling like I had a different look on life.

So after I finished that, I came home and counted the number of days that I had left until I left for Italy. It turned out that I had exactly forty days. So I decided that I would make the most of the forty days and improve body and mind. And thus starts the 40 Days: Body and Mind challenge that I’m making up. Today was day one, so I started my workouts, reading list, to do list, and anything else that I can come up with. I started by waking up and taking my meds. I did my curls for the morning after that and started to read The Awakened Mage, a book series that I started a while back that I wanted to finish.

The book was not that bad, but it had a lot to improve on. It was seven hundred pages for a lot of nothing happening until the last fifty. Overall though, it was a good series and it helped to pass the time until I went out for my run.

5 miles. 5 fucking miles. I was never a distance runner when I did track and field, but I thought I was in better shape than what I found out. Turns out, I’m not. Was a good run though, helped me clear my head and focus on things that mattered and that I really needed to address about myself. A friend said that all I was trying to do was fix shallow things, and I have to admit, I kind of was, but it helped to think about myself. I thought of all that I had done in my life and all that I wanted to do. All of that time to myself helped me think about who I am, what were my problems, and how I could be the man I wanted to be.

The day finished off with more curls and sit-ups, all of which I had hoped would put me to sleep with ease. It didn’t. This prompted me to stay up and finally get up and get a drink, at which point I found my mother was still awake. I had a long talk with her about life and how it was going at the moment. Pairing that with the conversation with my barber and I think I came out with the start of a new beginning. A new me. Starting with body and mind, the soul will follow.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect