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I did my usual routine for the day of do as little as possible and play video games. I was still sore from running last night. My mother and I got together to hem my pants for when I go to Italy. I hate buying pants because they never make the right size for me. I don’t know about other guys, but the inseam is just too high up on pants that have the correct length. I don’t know what they are thinking when they make pants, but they certainly aren’t thinking of me.

I kept playing through Kingdom Hearts 3D, and I just beat Sora’s side of the story and I’m kind of wondering what all is actually going on. Apparently there is time travel, but none of that matters, even though they met people that the bad guys didn’t think they should meet. And it looks like they may be trying to turn Sora evil for some reason. I haven’t finished Riku’s side yet because I’m only the last slew of bosses at the end that have bullshit attacks. I like that they have included Riku more in the story for the past few games. He was always an interesting character to me, because he was dark, yet light, yet neither, yet both. It was a character type that I wasn’t sure about to start with until he was in Chain of Memories and he said that his combination of powers was actually the twilight to dawn.

I also worked on my rogue character for Dungeons and Dragons and I think that I’ve made the right rogue for this upcoming campaign. I just need to write up his back story and his physical descriptions. I also worked on a Binder character that Brandon showed me, it’s a pretty cool class to play just because of how it all works. Binding vestiges to me through rituals and depending on how successful they are, the vestige can manifest in my personality and determine some of my decisions and actions. I took the improved binding feat so I can bind higher level vestiges to me earlier on, that way I can take on an even more versatile role for the party, even though there is no party at the moment and no campaign for the character.

I finished off the day with a stop at BJs to pick up dinner for the family because I wanted to have a real meal, but no one felt like cooking.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect


I didn’t work out this morning, I just slept in and was kind of lazy. After I finally got myself out of bed, I went out to run errands that I needed to do for Urbino. I first went to Frankel’s to see if I could find a bowler hat there, which I didn’t. It was kind of sad because the only reason I went out there was for that hat, and their website said they had some. I don’t want an expensive one, just a cheap on to wear around. After that, on the way back to where my other errands were, I checked out a comic book store that I drive past some times, 3rd Planet. I never go in because I go to another one just a little farther away, Nan’s Comics. This one had a lot more comics and a lot more of basically everything. And it was organized, which really surprised me because most comic book stores don’t seem to have any organization.

I picked up a game called Munchkin, which looked like fun and would be a good laugh for whenever I hang out with the guys. After I finished at 3rd Planet, I went on and made it to Plato’s Closet to try and pick up a couple of button down shirts for the cheap. I found two, one that I can wear with a vest, but is fitted! The other is plain grey and would be a good work shirt. Other than that, there wasn’t much that would fit be properly or look good on me. I finished my errands with a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up batteries, socks, razors, and a couple of cheap watches for when I’m overseas.

I had intended to go to the art museums in town today, but by the time I had gotten up and ready, I wouldn’t have very much time to visit and look around. So I’ll try and do that tomorrow since they are open later.

My friend Overton called me today, which was kind of a surprise because I just thought that all of my friends from San Antonio had just fallen off the face of the earth. He told me that his family was going to leave him and his brother the house they are living in at the moment. This was good news and kind of bad news at the same time. Good because it meant that I could pay some rent and have a place to live in San Antonio finally. Bad because if I remember correctly, it’s a two hour bus ride from his house to the university, I don’t know the car trip time, but I don’t like the idea of two hours in the first place. So we will see what happens with that, if nothing else, I can always just find a one bedroom when I get back and live there. Probably have a house warming party when I move in or something when I get it or not.

I finished up my day with a run and the usual inner reflection that I’ve been doing to get through things. This time it came to what all I had lost. I lost my fiancé for starters, but it goes farther than that. I lost my best friend, the friend that I actually talk to about things and feelings and that cared about what I thought about. I lost the person who would share things with me. I lost the future that I had already prepared myself for and wanted. I lost where I live because of all of the memories here. I lost my direction and rock. It was a lot to just deal with all of a sudden, so I cut my run short and forced myself to sleep, which is never easy.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect