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Today wasn’t that eventful, though I did manage to clean up my room some and get in some conversations with some of my friends about things going on. I also keep getting emails from the university saying that I have somehow not filled out the forms properly for one thing or another. This is getting annoying. I already did the days of seminars for the study abroad, I filled in the paperwork and everything months ago. Why am I getting these complaints only a couple weeks before I leave? It gets really frustrating some times, because I am the one who gets them the information as soon as possible and I know that there are other people who are giving them their stuff at the very last minute.

Besides my frustrations with the organization of my university, I have been compiling movies that I would like to watch while in Italy while I’m working on my projects. So far I have a lot of the classics and some of my favorite staples. I don’t think my studio will enjoy the weekly movie marathon of Lord of The Rings though.

After my one drunken night, I haven’t had so much as a taste of any alcohol. This crossed my mind because I was thinking of having a rum and coke some time, but then I decided against that because of the residual feelings from the last time. It wasn’t very pleasant. Oh well, maybe I’ll have a beer some time before I go to Italy, kind of a fair well beer.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect