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I am frustrated with a new trend in gaming that has been going on in probably the worst ways imaginable. The trend is Downloadable Content, or DLC, that I am here to really talk about today.

Now I have purchased certain DLCs before for my different games, and for the ones I bought, I was actually really happy with what I received. I’ve paid $5 for a good extra five hours of story and gameplay for some of my games, and I’ve paid $1 for something nifty that I kind of wanted for my character. Overall, I think I’ve spent no more than $20 on DLCs for all of my games. The thing that I am really starting to not like is the increase in the price of DLCs, the content you actually get for the price, and the release dates for the DLCs.

The prices of DLCs seem to be going up quite a bit for most of the games that I keep a watch on, which is irritating. Paying $10 for a new costume isn’t how things should be, that should be a dollar, maybe two at most, but I don’t want to shell out so much just for some rags on my characters. I also don’t want to pay $5 for a new weapon, again, that should be a couple of bucks at most. When I’m paying $10 for a DLC, I want to get at least another five hours of gameplay, or story for that money. Currently though, most of the DLCs that have been coming out only give you either a skin or a map for five or ten bucks. The DLCs I purchased for Kingdoms of Amalur were worth the price because I got a huge new area to explore in each, added plot, cool new features that actually mattered, and a slew of special weapons to be earn in those areas.

Now I recently purchased the new Fire Emblem: Awakening game for the 3DS and noticed that I could download some extra maps for it, which I first thought was cool. Then I started looking at the prices for each of them. Four, five, and even six dollars for a single map to play. Each map only gives you about twenty minutes of extra gameplay depending on how careful you are with your units. This is the type of DLC that I don’t enjoy, the kind that gives you a map, 20 minutes of gameplay, and charges you so much. What I want for five or six bucks is a map pack, something that has all of the extra xenologues, or paralogues in them. I would be content with paying five bucks for the map pack of a set of those. Developers really need to start thinking about what they are making into DLC and how much that is actually going to cost because all of us are cutting back on our gaming purchases and trying to make smart, long term choices for what we purchase.

The final point I’m going to make with these DLC problems is the release dates for some of the things they are releasing. This irks me probably the most out of everything because of the time frame of everything. Game is released. Next day, DLC is released. Or, the even worse model. Game is released, so is DLC on the same day. I get really angry about this because I feel that if they can churn out DLC right after the release or the day of, then why couldn’t it be a part of the original game? Seriously, I know everyone wants to just rob my wallet when it comes to games now, but can we at least have things calm down with the DLC stuff? I have no problem with the idea of DLCs, extra content that they didn’t have time to put into the original game or stuff they just wanted to add because they felt like it, sure give me some of that. I just want the developers to really consider pricing this stuff better, and to get better with the release dates of the stuff because I won’t buy a DLC that comes out day of the game release, nor will I buy a DLC a year and a half after the game is out. Developers really need to find the sweet spot for releasing this stuff.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect


Started back up working out again today, so I took my meds and did my curls. My morning was fairly uneventful, it was Sunday so I couldn’t do much, and when I finally got to the point where I wanted to do something, it was too late to.

Most of the day descended into Top Gear, fried rice, and Tumblr. Not the most productive day I’ve had, but at least I didn’t spend most of it in bed. I did manage to get my guitars out and tune them so I could practice a little bit to get my mind off things before I went for my jog, at which point my mind would only be on things.

So the jog. This time I seemed to get stuck on where I had been a couple weeks ago, and where I was now. I was picking out house pets, wedding cakes, and figuring out future states to live in for grad school and stuff. I think that is probably one of the most painful things about all that has happened to me recently, the fact that I thought I was somewhere with someone, and then, in an instant, I was somewhere completely different with no one. She said she’d been thinking about this since December, so for seven months I was lied to. Lied to about where we were, what we were doing, and now I’m not even sure if there were feelings on her end.

I’m not saying that she never had feelings for me, just during those seven months I wonder how she actually saw me. What went through her head when I was around, what was on her mind when I wasn’t? Heh, it was kind of sad to let my mind linger on these thoughts, it only hurt more and more as I thought about it all. At this point in my jog, I was by the local lake in the park, but at a point I usually don’t notice. Except this time, it’s a clear night, and on clear nights such as this one, when the moon is shining so brightly, you can actually see the reflection of the moon on the surface. The shimmer of it all on the lake, mesmerizing with its beauty. It took me by such a surprise that it hypnotized me, making me stand by the edge of the water for a while.

Snapping out of my trance, I continued on, thinking of how new eyes see old things differently. On the tail end of my jog, I got back to thinking, as I always do, and came back to how I think of myself. Always the villain, always the bad guy, always in black, never in white. Why did I always ally myself with evil? Besides having the cooler Jedi force powers and costumes, evil and darkness never win. But I guess that is kind of the punch line of my life right there. I finished my jog wondering if I could ever be the good guy.

The rest of my night went on to laundry, dinner, and more Tumblr. I didn’t read. I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to delude myself, didn’t want to live in an imagined world. I needed to spend time in reality again.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect