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So I had a really vivid dream last night, and it was a really good dream to boot. So for some reason I was wearing a tailored pinstripe suit and observing something with a group of people, I don’t know what, but I like to believe that it was some sort of demonstration or presentation concerning a well-articulated model. Then, for some reason the view is no longer mine, but instead like a camera on this set of spiral stairs going up to the second floor where I am. Going up the stairs is the red headed woman, wearing a very attractive red dress. Everything about her seems old fashioned, from her hair to how she walks for some reason. She gets to the top of the stairs and comes up to the part of the group that I’m standing in and she slowly breathes on my neck, showing off her red lipstick. It sent chills down my spine and as I turned around in my dream, I woke up. For a while after that I would still get chills when I thought about that moment in the dream. It was so intoxicating that I can barely think of things besides this woman in red. Who is she? What was she doing there? Why did she do that? Why me? How do I get into my dreams and meet this woman?!?

Besides the amazing dream, I went to the doctor today and had my usual “wait for an hour past my appointment time for a two minute appointment and then have nothing change” situation of frustration. After that I went back home and took a nap before going through all of my stuff for school and getting my packing ready.

Okay, seriously, how do I meet this woman? I can’t even make it through this damn post without thinking of her. It’s not even trying to fantasize about her, it’s just what happened in the dream.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect