40 Days: Body and Mind – Day 37

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Architecture and Culture, Life, Thought Provoking
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My dad and I went out and bought me a suitcase for my trip because we found out that the other one I was going to take was broken. So we hit the luggage and leather store and picked me up a good sized suit case.

After that I watched TV for a while and avoided packing for Italy. I’m really excited for it all, but I’m also really nervous about it as well. I’m excited for all of the new experiences, and people, and projects, and sights, and sounds and just so much more. But I’m also so nervous about everything I will be doing, will it be good enough, will I piss people off, will I survive, will I make new friends, will I further other relations? I’m worried about my trip to France at the end. That part really scares me because I’ll be by myself for the whole thing, which again makes me scared and have to look at my being alone issues.

Finally managed to start packing and figuring out what all is going where though which was good. My room is a mess again because of this though. I wonder if I’ll ever have a clean room for longer than two days.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect


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