40 Days: Body and Mind – Day 35

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Architecture and Culture, Life, School, Thought Provoking
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Wednesday didn’t start off well because I kept on waking up in the middle of the night. I finally just gave up and showered and checked out earlier than I had really planned to. So I hit up the downtown campus and checked out the new Starbucks that we have down there. It’s not bad, but there are going to be traffic issues for where they placed it. After that I killed some time by questioning fiscal services about an email saying I owed money, but that I seemed to have a credit on my account instead. It turned out alright. It was finally time for my meeting.

The meeting went well, covered all of the things that needed to be covered again. Talked to the two girls that I know that are going. Brit asked how I was doing since she saw my relationship change. Sophia asked how my ex was doing, so I had to inform her of the change. After that we talked about all of the things we would do in Italy and how excited we were for it.

The meeting finished around noon, so I sat down with Erin again for a brief lunch before her next class and talked about her teachers and just kind of capped every topic before I left. Afterwards I hit Herwick’s to pick up some more supplies that I needed for the trip. I’m taking a dozen different sketchbooks that I’m hoping to fill up by the time I get back. Once that was done I hit the road and went back to Houston.

Talked about everything that happened with my parents when I got back. We also talked about living accommodations for when I get back. I would prefer to have my own place now that I know where Overton lives because I’m not a fan of the half hour to forty-five minute drive to the campus. We’ll see what happens, because I’m also not much of a fan of living alone. I don’t like being truly alone. When I lived at the dorms I could seclude myself in my room, but if I ever wanted to socialize I could just knock on Jake’s door and have a conversation about whatever. Another reason why I like being in a relationship, or at least one that has progressed far enough to have staying over be an option. I would be closer to the downtown area if I lived by myself, and could bike and enjoy the life there. The only reason I would be living alone is because most of the people that I could tolerate/enjoy living with didn’t work out that well. Not their fault, just the situation of things.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect


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