40 Days: Body and Mind – Day 23

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Life
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Today is D&D day! Been looking forward to this actually since I get to play in this campaign and not just run the damn things. Don’t get me wrong, I love running it all, but occasionally I do like to whip out my rogue and go stab some people and steal their shit. Well the game didn’t start until later, so as people arrived late as always, we played Munchkins to kill the time. It was also the longest game of Munchkins I have ever played because we all kept screwing each other over. There were a number of times where multiple people could have won the game, but someone screwed them over with one thing or another.

We finally made it to actually playing D&D after about two hours so we continued to plot on how to assassinate the elf woman. We had plotted for a combined total of forever when we actually got to the night of the party where we were going to kill her. We had planted one person as a chef so we could poison her food and drink, two as waiters (myself included) who could keep watch and maybe deliver poisoned food, we had one of our own as a guard on watch, another who was a druid who was in the party who would change into a snake and bite her if she ever went to the bathroom, a guy with a poisoned condom so he could poison her after seducing and getting a blow job, another guy in there just to keep watch and be free in case something happened, and then a warforge fitted with about a ton of alchemist’s fire. We had everything covered if ANYTHING happened. So we wake up the day of the party and get things ready before we head out and do our job.

At this point in the night though we were hungry so we all decided to go to BJs for dinner. It was a good choice because we could all get what we wanted to eat and have good conversations while we eat. We finished dinner off with two pizookie party platters that we all devoured. It was a great meal, even though it took about three hours to finish.

So after dinner we make it back to my house to finish out the assassination on the high elf woman. It was all pretty crazy because she told all of the males to fight to be her “mate” which actually worked in our favor if Chase won. Chase won after David took a fall for him and we were all getting ready for the blowjob of death when I served the elf a drink of poison wine. I didn’t think it would work, but I wanted to keep doing my job. She took it though, so we had twenty seconds to get the hell out of there before she croaked. So we all went into the basement to hide and then we blew up our warforge and leveled the place, thus ending the quest and our night.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect


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