40 Days: Body and Mind – Day 19

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Life, Projects, Random, Thought Provoking
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I pretty much slept the entire day away because I was so tired from all of the stuff I had been doing recently. I was also tired because my friends kidnapped me by saying we were going to IHOP, but instead they stop outside of IHOP and want to talk about my blog. Well from what I got from them was basically they wanted to say sorry for not being bros about things, wanted to know what all went down with me, and make sure that I wasn’t moving just because of what had happened. So, to answer these things in order: thank you for being bros but I didn’t bring it up because I didn’t want to bring it up, it was pretty rough for me, I then told you all what happened to me and why I felt the way I did, and no I am not moving just because of what happened. I was always going to move, I just needed to explain it better so you didn’t think that I was never coming back. I still have my bros and stuff, and I’m really glad that I have that, and I’m glad that they all know that occasionally I want some serious talking talk, or at least not derp all the time.

So all is good with us at the moment, though I think we need to have another talk some time about the group as a whole with the entire group there to discuss it all. If we are going to bro, then we will bro with all honesty and no secrets. I love using bro as a verb and having Word accept that.

Other than that stuff, today was pretty uneventful, though I’m still trying to figure out my museum situation at the moment. I think I may have someone, but I’m not sure yet. I’m also starting to play my trip to San Antonio later this month.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect



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