40 Days: Body and Mind – Day 11

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Introduction, Life, Projects, Thought Provoking, Videogames
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I hung out with some of my friends today. It wasn’t that bad, talked about card games and stuff. We ended up playing Ultimate Uno, which is an amazing game that everyone should play, and then we played Mario Party 3. That game is one of the most imbalanced piece of amazingness ever created. Last turn Chance Time, take all of the stars from 1st place and give them all to last place. What the hell? I ended up coming third in the first game, and then first in the second game.

After that I did a drive by of her house. Yup. Still there. So again, I’m in a slump. I really need this weekend to end and next weekend to start so I can just have some fun with my friends. After that I just have to make it out of the country so I can get better and then move. Once I get back in the country its going to be San Antonio, and then grad school somewhere up north. I think I’m going to try for Penn state or somewhere in Washington, preferably Seattle. Course all of this means that I get another batch of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and dependency issues. Sad this is that I want to have those problems instead of my current ones.

Whatever the risk, still onward.

-The Architect


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